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CEO, Creative director, specialized in design and copyright over 7 years



CIO, specialized in software development for over 15 years, product managment over 10 years

«For 15 years in the IT sphere I have been on both sides of the barricades. I was both an employer and a job applicant. After some time I caught myself thinking that picture is always the same. The interview turns into a sidereal hour of the interviewer because of the inability to reject the human factor.

It is important to realize that programmers, for the most part, are introverts. We do not like to face the outside world. It is very distracting and confusing. We can do our job in a good and honest way, but we do not always succeed in presenting ourselves correctly.

While creating IAMSKILLED, I was inspired by the idea that I would help both sides to get around these pitfalls and reach understanding, from which all will benefit