All the necessary tools (or instruments) for interviewing, we divided into 4 groups. Everything was envisaged, even the fact that the employer may not have experience in IT sphere (or may not understand the IT sphere).
The first option is more suitable for HR or company executives.
When you need to perform an interview, but you do not understand IT. 1. Simply create an interview. 2. Select from the list a desired position. 3. Our smart algorithms will automatically generate questions for theory. 4. The interviewer will see correct answers.
The second option is more advanced. It consists of the mix: theoretical question, the task of logic and programming in the visual editor. The employer controls everything in real time, he has the right answers and can ask additional questions.
The third option will generate a task list of the corresponding position. And you can publish an interview link on any resource and send it out to many candidates. According to results, you can choose a right candidate. Such approach will save a lot of time.
The fourth option of the interview is technical. Including programming tasks only.
Interview results can be viewed at any time after the interview is over.
There are convenient chat and video call
with the possibility of a conference call in each passage of the interview.
Such functionality simplifies communication between employers and the applicant for a position.
Up to 5 people can take part in an interview at the same time in premium rates.